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FAQ - General

**All information are from Ungerer Australia or Ungerer and Company unless otherwise stated.


Where are your fragrances, flavours and essential oils from?

All of our products are manufactured in Ungerer Australia's factory located in Sydney, Australia.

Do you do matching?
We do have a matching service for flavours and fragrances.  However, the process is very time consuming and expensive, not to mention labour intensive.  As a result, we would need to know the expected order quantities before agreeing to do any matching work.
Please call us @ 04-3987307 for a personal interview for matching.

What if your product is not compatible with my products?
We strongly recommend customers to first request for a sample and fully test it in your products to determine suitability before placing any orders.

Why do I have to provide a price range?
To simplify the buying process, the price range is used as a guideline for us to provide products that are in accordance to your budget.

What is the difference between higher and lower priced items? Is the quality compromised?
Price variation depends on the formula and the raw materials used. Quality is not necessarily compromised. For example, a higher priced fragrance is not necessarily better in every application.

What is the shelf life of your products?
Our liquid flavours/fragrances have a minimum shelf life of 12 months and powders are 6-12 months when stored in original containers under good storage conditions.  Usually, shelf life would increase significantly once added to your products.  However, we strongly encourage customers to run their own shelf life test with their products before placing orders.

What kind of documentation support do you provide?
We understand that our customers export to international markets. Our experienced principal will provide the necessary documentation support for customers needing them.

How should we store your products?
Please keep in a cool area that is protected from sunlight and does not have great variance in the temperature experienced.  Once opened, please also make sure it is properly sealed again after use.